Nutriforte Lactoghurt 30's
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  • DuolacTM dual-coating technology
    • 10 times more live bacteria reaching intestines
    • No refrigeration required

Nutriforte Lactoghurt uses a unique dual-coating technology called Duolac to protect probiotics from stomach acids and delivers them to the intestines safely to colonize and multiply.

1. DuolacTM: Patented Dual-Coating Technology

Because probiotic bacteria are living organisms, they are sensitive to environmental exposure and their viability is easily affected during processing, storage, and ingestion. In traditional probiotic products, a large number of bacteria are killed before they reach the intestines, through exposure to acidic stomach juices at pH 2-4. The transition period in the stomach which can take up to 2 hours, often kills more than 90% of the live bacteria, unless the bacteria are protected.

4th generation probiotics

Nutriforté Lactoghurt uses a unique and revolutionary dual-coating technology to protect against gastric juices and bile acids. This 4th generation probiotics called DuolacTM is patented in the EU, the US, Japan, and Korea and has been recognized globally for its good acid and bile acid tolerance and adhesion to the intestines.

2. World-class probiotics manufacturer, Cell Biotech

Nutriforte Lactoghurt is developed by Cell Biotech, a Danish-Korean bio-venture enterprise which specializes in fermentation and microbial coating technology for Lactic acid bacteria. The company has developed and obtained several patents for its unique dual coating technology, Duolac ®, which increases the viability of the live bacteria during processing, shelf life and ingestion.

As a world-class manufacturer of probiotics with globally competitive technology, Cell Biotech devotes itself in this specialty through ongoing research and development in the field of biotechnology and probiotics.

Manufacturing standard

At Cell Biotech’s manufacturing sites, the entire production process, from fermentation of the bacteria to packaging of the finished supplements, takes place in state of the art facilities, with clean room class 10.000, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, controlled humidity, temperature control, controlled atmosphere etc. in order to produce the best possible quality.

Quality assurance

All Cell Biotech manufacturing sites are FDA approved, ISO-9001 Certified (BM TRADA, UK), HACCP Certified (SGS, SWISS), GMP approved and all products are certified Halal, GMO-free and Kosher (Ko-Kosher, USA).

3. Five strains synergy

Synergistic combination of 5 dual-coated live bacteria strains:

4. Enhanced with FOS

FOS (Fructooligosaccharide) is considered to be a "prebiotic," i.e. food for friendly bacteria. FOS improves overall digestive health by supporting the growth of friendly bacteria in the large intestine.

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1 x Nutriforte Lactoghurt 30's