Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner 500ml
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  • Biodegradable - water based
  • Safe to users and environment
  • Designed to effectively remove oil and dust contaminants from the aluminium coil. No corrosion on the aluminium.
  • Just Spray and Wipe as easy as ABC.

Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner is a specially formulated chemistry to clean the aluminium coil of split air-conditioner units. It is also safe on other parts such as metal and plastic parts. The chemistry is a biodegaradable product and our formula came from Germany.


While the product is water based and safe to users. Basic safety should be taken into consideration.

1. Wear Goggles , Mask & Glove for protection.

2. Avoid eye contact. If there is a contact with your eyes, rinse with water.

3. Use proper tools such as ladder, manual pump & spray for better water pressure where required.

4. If required, have an assistant to assist you in handing over tools to you during the cleaning work.

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1 x Kleenso Air-Cond Coil Cleaner 500ml