Kordel's Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc (Saver's Pack 4 x 10's) Orange Flavour
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  • It gives you vitamin C and Zinc to support the immune system.
  • No artificial colouring is added.
  • A consistent and reliable dose
  • Easier to swallow
  • Gentle on the stomach

One of the most important advantages of taking vitamin C and zinc in effervescent form is that the ingredients in effervescent formulations are 100% bioavailable. Effervescent versions of vitamin C and zinc are already in a form that can be quickly digested upon ingestion. This allows for 100% absorption, which is especially critical for the elderly and those with weak digestive systems.

The importance of carbon dioxide
The permeability of vitamin C and zinc is enhanced by the presence of carbon dioxide. The chemical combination of the vitamin powder when mixed in water results in the effervescence of carbon dioxide. This chemical equation alters the paracellular pathway in the intestines and eases the absorption of nutrients through the intestinal lining. It does this by reducing the thickness of the mucus layer lining the intestinal wall. Loosening the junctions between cells causes structural changes in the cell membrane, allowing it to better absorb hydrophilic substances.

Creates a buffered solution
Effervescent vitamins form a buffered solution. When mixed in water, they form the perfect ratio of acid and alkaline, so that nutrients can be easily absorbed. Effervescent formulas provide a balanced pH when mixed with water. When the effervescent vitamin drink enters the digestive system, it neutralizes the stomach pH, buffering it to create the perfect pH for the absorption of all kinds of nutrients.

What's in the box

1 x Kordel's Vitamin C 1000mg + Zinc (Saver's Pack 4 x 10's) Orange Flavour