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Product details of SCOTT's DHA GUMMIES Orange 60 gummies

  • Just three Scott’s DHA Gummiesa day can help supplement the DHA and Vitamin D that children need.
  • DHA for the brain development
  • Vit D for stonger bone and teeth.

Product details of SCOTT'S DHA GUMMIES STAWBERRY 60's

  • Established brand
  • Improve imunity
  • For daily consumption

Product details of SCOTTS EMULSION COD LIVER OIL 200ML (Orange)

  • ORANGE SCOTT'S EMULSION contains cod liver oil, a rich natural source of Vitamins A and D together with Calcium Hypophosphite The includsion of natural orange juice and oter ingredients gies a smooth textured product with a distinctive color and flavor. Being in an emulsion form, the Vitamins A an D in the cod liver oil are more easily absorbed. ORANGE SCOTT'S EMULSION is suitable for children above the age of one year and for adults.

Product details of Scott's Emulsion Original Cod Liver Oil Extra 200ml

  • Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil has been trusted for over 100 years to keep families healthy. Made from Cod Liver oil, it contains Omega 3 fatty acid to support brain health and vitamins A & D to support the immune system.

Product Description SCOTT'S VITAMIN C 50's x 2 (Orange)

  • 100% ORIGINAL

Scotts Cod Liver Oil 100 capsules- 2 bottles

  • 100% Original
  • Helps to Maintain Immune Function, Growth, Vision and Tissue Development
  • Promotes Good Health
  • Halal
  • Source of gelatin: Bovine
  • Each capsule contains 315mg of Cod Liver Oil Vit A 625IU, Vit D 62.5IU

Product details of Scotts Emulsion Orange 400ml x 2

  • 100 % Original
  • High quality
  • Cod Liver Oil rich in Omega 3 and Vitamins A & D. The Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, can maintain a healthy heart. Vitamins A & D help maintain healthy tissues and promote strong bones and teeth.